Thursday, August 4, 2011

A collaborative effort!

A first product for Lily White & Clean Co. is starting to take shape!  Here is one version of a candle pot we are testing!  This candle pot was lovingly handcrafted by Leah of Raine or Shine Pottery Co.  and then hand poured using the finest soy candlewax and soy fragrence oil.  The scent is called Morning Coffee and smells much like a  Creamy Vanilla Latte (here in the NW that is a typical cup of morning joe!).  This is just one of many fragrences I've been testing!  Also under consideration ~ Summer Peach (my favorite), Country Pear Cake, Vanilla Cream, Sweet Lavender, Rosebud and more... we'll always be offering a seasonal choices because I live and breathe each season! 

And because I'm so excited to share what else my sweet friend is working on!  Here are a few more designs by Leah as she is getting them ready for the Seattle Gift Show coming up in just a few weeks!  In the photo are some buttons and pins she made.  She will also be selling some beautiful lacey coaster sets of 4 and possibly spice pots too if they are ready in time! 

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