Friday, August 5, 2011


isn't this soap interesting and delightful?  yes, but it's not mine...

ugh, this process is soooo much harder than it would seem!  i've tested 4 different batches, i've remilled 3 smaller ones.  i'm telling you just about nothing comes out like i imagine it will.

there are so many possible ingrediants, so many calculations to be made... and i want them to be perfect!  i think i may have failed to plan a learning curve into the mix!  about now i am wishing some savvy soaper would swoop into my kitchen or workshop and point me in all the right directions! 

i have so many concepts i'm longing to pursue.  baby soap sets with the most darling names & the sweetest scents...  chickety chickety soap (more on that later)...  i've thought up a whole product line but hmmm it looks like i may be gettin ahead of myself! 

so back to the drawing board i go! and i haven't even started in on the candle troubles i've had!  whew!  just so ya all didn't think everything was always raindrops & roses around here! or maybe that's exactly what it is!

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